2023 ULI Global Awards of Excellence


Since 2012, our mission has been simple: to raise awareness about local water quality, and use practical solutions to clean up our local waterways.

How it started

In 2012, Mark Grey discovered polluted runoff from the Eastern Avenue catch basin flowing into Lake Union. Forming Clean Lake Union, LLC with fellow industry counterparts, they aimed to implement clean water strategies around Lake Union, partnering with organizations like Salmon Safe and The Nature Conservancy. 

By 2018, now operating as a nonprofit, Clean Lake Union expanded its focus to nearby waterways and bridges, striving to both expand  water quality improvement strategies and educate the community about water conservation. 

This work could not have been done without the encouragement and support of Mark’s business partners Mike Hess and Jo Callahan.

Untreated Runoff
Treated Runoff
Graphic by Weber Thompson

The three phases of the Aurora Bridge Bioswales

The Aurora Bridge Project addresses the nearly 2 million gallons of polluted runoff from the bridge that enters Lake Union and the Fremont Cut each year. Each phase of this multi-year project is possible because of the innovative support from private developers, the State of Washington, The Nature Conservancy, local businesses such as Adobe and Boeing, and Seattle business leaders.

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