The Aurora Bridge Project aims to address the nearly 2,000,000 gallons of polluted runoff from the bridge that enters Lake Union and the Fremont Cut annually.

Troll Ave West (the Data 1 Bldg) & Troll Ave East (The Watershed Bldg)

The first 2 phases of our bridge project and CLU's first projects that brought together private land owners, developers and Clean Lake Union partners to bring bioretention swales to public land. Both projects had the bioswales designed into the landscaping of the parking strips adjacent to the buildings.

North Span

We expect to start work on this project in Summer 2019. This project alone will capture 1.2 M gallons of runoff from 2 storm pipes on north end of the bridge.

This project will involve rerouting bridge runoff at 2 locations on the bridge. A new storm drain will then route collected storm water to the bio retention swales located below the bridge alongside The Burke Gilman trail. From here the water will be directed into Lake Union and the Fremont Cut via existing or new storm drains.